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Tikanga Maori Parish (20 October at 10am)

This Sunday (20 October) there will be the usual 9am Eucharist in our church, but there will no 10.30am Eucharist in the Hall. Anyone from either service is most welcome to join Tikanga Maori at St Francis Chapel at the Trentham base for their 10am service. The list of those attending is now closed. Those aged 16 years and above will need to provide photo ID to enter the base. Please arrive well in advance so that you have time to go through the security procedures.

Sunday Services

9am Traditional Holy
Communion in the Church

10:30am Contemporary
Communion in the Church Hall
with children's ministry
(See above for details of Tikangi Maori church visit)


9am Morning Prayer
Tue, Thu, Fri
in the Church

10am Holy Communion
in the Church


Messy Church 3rd Fridays in term
5-7pm in the Hall

Fergusson Rest Home
1st Thursday, 11am in Chapel

Summerset Hospital
4th Wednesday, 2pm in Lounge


The Church,
563 Fergusson Drive,
Cnr. Fergusson Dr & Moonshine Rd.
Trentham, Upper Hutt

Church Hall,
561 Fergusson Drive,
End of Smallfield Lane,
First left off Moonshine Rd

Trentham, Upper Hutt 5018

Parish office:  (04) 528 5588

The Vicar: 022 252 9929