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Master it Mondays

Master It Mondays! starts Monday 7 August  at 3:00pm.

This is An All-Age homework group on Mondays after school with a vision to provide a safe space where students can be themselves, feel comfortable and feel supported in their learning and life skills education.

Initially it will have a focus on students at secondary level to help those struggling with NCEA requirements and skills for literacy and numeracy that are a prerequisite requirement to achieve NCEA. 

Younger children will be able to attend, especially if they are siblings that need to be cared for by their older brother or sister.

There will be a focus on fun, kinaesthetic and tactile learning eg cooking and measuring, skipping things that need to be memorised, fun quizzes and competitions, whatever seems appropriate, with the student at the centre of our thinking.

If you would like to help in anyway with this outreach please contact Raewyn (022 600 5306). You do not need to be a teacher! There are many other useful roles.