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Church Interior Upgrade

The Church interior is being upgraded with the pews being replaced by flexible seating, the addition of a kitchenette, a more accessible toilet and the replacement of the overhead projector with flat screen TVs. The interior improvements status is as follows (14 October 2022):

1. Chairs - The double chairs were received in time for Kathy's farewell on 7 May. WAll the chairs have now been received and an order placed for the plaques (18 double chairs and 18 siingle chairs).. 

2. & 3. Kitchenette and Toilet - Dave Smart has been contracted to manage the upgrade of the bathroom and kitchenette and work will commence shortly. We are now seeking quotes for the cionstuction of the cabinets.

4. Carpet - we have selected a plain blue 80% wool Axnminster carpet with a regular flec pattern. The carper is expected to be delivered in Februrary 2023.

5. Media - The three TVs have been purchased and system is being tested before installation. The TVs will be installed once the church exterior painting has been completed. This is expected to be started late October. The Tvs should be in place in time for Christmas.

6. Handrails - Hand Carved furniture have been selected to build and install the hand rails. We have been fortunate to secure the services of a local crftsman to produce a Chapman Taylor adzed and stain finish in keeping with the altar rails.

Sponsoring Chair(s) in the Church

Our pews are now in New Plymouth, being transformed into single and double padded chairs by Lowe Furniture.  It costs $250 to sponsor a single chair and $390 to sponsor a double chair. An engraved brass plaque (30mm x 100mm) with inscription is included in the price. 

To sponsor a chair, please deposit the relevant amount into the parish bank account (06 0773 0009875 00) with your name and single chair or double chair as the reference. Please also email your required inscription  (1, 2 or 3 lines) to David Joplin (dfwjoplin@outlook.com).

Examples of wording include ...

 In Memory of
Arthur Basil Connor
year of birth - year of death
Donated by
Alexander Family
Donated by
David Edward Fisher

The Removal of the Pews (21 Feb 2022)