St John's Church from the north
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St John's Trentham is the oldest church in the Wellington Diocese that has been used continuously for worship since it was built in 1863.

Although the original building has been added to (at least twice), and is not a true historic place, its traditional atmosphere makes it feel like the genuine article.

In 2012, we celebrated our SesquiCentennial
(150th birthday)! Click here for information about the history of St John's church.

Christmas Services:

Sunday 24 December

6pm Christmas Eve Crib and Christingle Service - come dressed as a Christmas character or dress up when you get to church and receive a Christingle.

11.30pm Midnight Service in the church.

Sunday 24 December

9am Christmas Day Service in the church.

January Services:

Sunday 31 December to Sunday 21 January

All church services are at 10am in the church.

Sunday 14 January and 21 January

6pm Lite Services in the hall.

This is a BBQ with a 5 minute 'God Spot' and is a great opportunity for newcomers to meet the church informally.

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